Light & Shadow Play


The project investigates how the sun can be utilized to enhance aesthetics through textile surfaces in urban environments. The project explores the interplay of textiles as a sun-screening element within the outdoor public architectural space.

What happens when we use the sun’s heat and light to trigger a light and shadow play through a textile surface? What happens when designing with an unpredictable parameter – the sun – in relation to the predictability of the textile design processes?

The exhibited objects; an interactive 3D model, two animation films and six storyboards, will summarise the research process and results. The interactive model is open for the audience to interact with via their own observations and explorations.

Jansen, B. and Ledendal, M. (2011) Light and Shadow play – the sun as an aesthetic trigger for urban textiles, Ambience’11 exhibition… where art, technology and design meet, University of Borås. Swedish School of Textiles, p.50-55, Link