Smart Textillek för Små – A Nursery Workshop

Play with thermochromics and lots of excitement: a perfect way of describing my two workshops last week. I held a workshop at a nursery on Wednesday and Friday. The workshop was called  ’Smart Textillek för Små’ (‘Smart Textile Play for Wee Ones’), and was aimed at children between 3-6 years. The children got to work with and discuss the concepts of temperature, hot and cold, colour change and pattern making. This was done by experimenting with thermochromic textiles using objects which they had readily to hand, i.e. themselves, to make patterns.

Its is always great to see and hear children’s openness and creativity when they are investigating and talking about something they find exciting and fun. It is a real energy boost to have these kind of workshops and I do really love meeting the younger participants – and, who knows, maybe some of our future textile researchers ;). There is not better way to explore new branches and ideas for Smart Textiles, than through the inquisitive eyes of children. I firmly believe that we could find new ways to progress within our research field by teaching and exploring these new materials to children and young people.

Below are some pictures of great exploring and mark-making by the children, taken from the workshop with the 3-4 year olds.

Photos courtesy of Sam Edgecombe and the children of I Ur och Skur Solstrålen, Dalby.

Thanks to the nursery for having me!

If, you, your school, nursery, or organisation is interested in this or any other workshop that I offer, you can find more information here.