Urban Textile Lampshades

Textile lampshades of recycled T-shirts yarn in Pop-up installation in Knut Den Stores Street in Lund.

The lampshades were a commission for a Pup-up installation, which was shown on Knut Den Stores Street in May 2017, that I did for Emmi Sundén at Lund Municipality.

…colourful, handmade lampshades made of recycled T-shirt yarn for pop-up installation in Lund

The lampshades are created in the Zpagetti yarn Hoooked, from the Swedish yarn company Järbo Garn. The lampshades are in a mixture of pink and red shades. The yarn Hooked is made of recycled T-shirts. I like using recycled material.

The lampshades have a braided edge and big tassels hanging down the sides, to emphasise the decadent feeling I wanted for the lampshades. A feeling that runs throughout the whole installation.