MAKE A MARK-cushions

MAKE A MARK is a project I work with, which is also an exhibition. It is a series of objects that investigate changeability, colour and imprints, inviting you as viewer and user to participate in the design process and in the expression.

… a series of objects that explore changeability, colour and imprints, where I invite you as viewers and users to participate in the design process

The pillows are printed with thermochromic, heat sensitive colours that change colour when heated, for example by your body heat. You make your own patterns and prints when sitting, lying or touching the pillows. The fabric changes colour between 30-32 degrees C, so you can easily create prints. These are playful cushions that allow and invite you to experiment through the shape of your body.

Please email me at if you are interested in finding out more about the cushions, to rent them for a workshop or activity, or buying them.