Seaweed + Ceramic + Textile

The project is the start of an ongoing collaboration with Cecilia Fredriksson, professor of ethnology at Lund University, who, among other things, is researching seaweed as an experience and future resource.

Projects takes it starting point in both in the material nori, a seaweed-based material that is often used for sushi, as well as the world of shapes of sawdust and blowpipe.

Based on the material experiments, I investigate how Norin’s expression and fragility meet textile printing techniques such as screen printing and transfer techniques such as foiling, lamination and flock printing. Where the fragile and sensitive nature of the material has affected the expression, so that cracks in the material during the process create additions.

The exploration also includes seaweed that I have harvested locally on the Malmö coast together with Cecilia. From which I have examined the shape of the seaweed through clay. The hard material of the fired clay strives to converse with the fragile and thin of the seaweed and to approach the softness of textile fibers. In the project, Cecilia and I also explore the expression of the cut saw blade and blow blade through techniques such as drawing, watercolor and textile sublimation and transfer techniques.

The project is experimental and investigative in nature, where we, in the meeting between our two disciplines, are interested in exploring how the materiality, expression and sensory properties of seaweed are experienced.