Danius och modet

The book ‘Danius och modet was co-written together with Philip Warkander, Lecturer in Fashion Science at Lund University.

Literature professor, permanent secretary, style icon. Sara Danius (1962–2019) was something as unusual as a popular academic. Well known and respected in wide stocks. And with a special feeling for fashion as a means of expression.

In the book ‘Danius och modet‘, we explore Sara Danius’ relationship to fashion, with a focus on her attention-grabbing clothing creations (created in close collaboration with the designer Pär Engsheden). As well as through impact in her literary research and essay writing, where fashion, craftsmanship, couture and the ingeniously woven messages are constantly present. Against the background of recent years’ crises in the Swedish Academy, it also describes how Sara Daniu’s signature garment – the pussy bow blouse – became a sign of the times, a protest symbol against friendship corruption and a culture of silence.

The book also contains a republished essay by Sara Danius.

The book’s foreword is written by Annina Rabe and is published by Hoc Press.

Sara Danius photographed in the Stock Exchange Hall at the Swedish Academy in 2015, in connection with an interview for Swedish ELLE. The dress was created by Pär Engsheden for Sara Danius’ entry into the Swedish Academy in 2013.

Photo credit: The book – Hoc Press, photo of Warkander – Tomas Falmer / photo of me – Emma Svensson Duque

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