Co-Creative Knitting

In the research and art project ‘Co-Creative Knitting – explorations of an improvisational practices‘ I work together with Charlotte Østergaard, Lund University. In the project we explore collaborative artistic practices that are improvisational and experimental in nature. The project discusses questions such as: Which components and tools contribute to the phenomenon of co-knitting? How can partnership of playful improvisation enable novel ways to explore performative textile methods? How can documentation support ongoing exploration of methods for understanding the phenomenon and its various nuanced perspectives? 

Knitting into each other’s loops, so that the bodies collide – crossing, closing, disturbing each other’s concentration. Changing needles as we go. Our threads get tangled, and we struggle to keep knitting until our pieces are knitted together. A playful struggle for attention, a struggle to disrupt each other’s thoughts, a struggle to persevere and keep going, not to give up… The focus is on creating knit stitches, all choices – aesthetic patterns/stitch choices – are removed, play and interaction are the creative tools.

– Excerpt from our process documentation