To Express Care

In this project I am exploring the concept of care by combining handmade and digital techniques. I have incorporated AI generative platforms into the design process, using textile printing techniques, fibers, and co-creation through prompts, to investigate the meaning and expression of the concept.

I have created a textile interpretation based on ChatGPT’s description of ’emotional connection’ and inspiration from Donna Haraway’s theories on ‘companion species’. The thread-linked textiles, illustrate the interconnectedness and emotional connections between humans and non-human entities.

I have hand-painted the motives on paper using dispersion dyes and transfer printed them in several layers to the textiles, a process that conserves both water and pigments.

In this project, the aim was to explore how creative processes can benefit from the use of AI tools, while I still am in control of material choices and expression.

The aim of the project was not to let the AI generators decide the outcome of the design, I was still very much the designer. The software was rather acting as conversational a partner during the conceptualization and ideation phase, allowing me to develop new ideas from the prompted discussions.