Co-Creative Knitting

Jag och Charlotte Østergaard, Lund universitet driver forsknings- och konstprojekt ’Co-Creative Knitting – explorations of an improvisational practices’ där vi utforskar stickningens praktik utifrån ett samskapande sammanhang.

Knitting into each other’s loops, so that the bodies collide – crossing, closing, disturbing each other’s concentration. Changing needles as we go. Our threads get tangled, and we struggle to keep knitting until our pieces are knitted together. A playful struggle for attention, a struggle to disrupt each other’s thoughts, a struggle to persevere and keep going, not to give up… The focus is on creating knit stitches, all choices – aesthetic patterns/stitch choices – are removed, play and interaction are the creative tools.

– Utdrag ifrån vår processdokumentation