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Som textilare är jag intresserad av det mesta, stickat, väv, broderi, sömnad, naturmaterial, återbruk såväl som när textil och tekniks möts. Jag trivs att befinna mig där i friheten av att få blanda intryck, utryck, material och tekniker. Här på bloggen delar jag med mig av vad jag gör både yrkesmässigt som textilformgivare och textilkonstnär men ibland även lite mera privata textila projekt.


Min textila värld

Future Scenarios for Thermochromic Textiles and Printed Photovoltaics

The post this week introduces the second part of Chapter 6 of my PhD thesis, a discussion concerning future scenarios for the use of integrated photovoltaic cells in textile applications. The discussion concerning the possibilities to develop the research further by integrating the photovoltaic into the textiles, has a design perspective. The work in my thesis has demonstrated that sunlight has the potential to …

Thermochromich Textiles and Photovoltaics

The post this week introduces the content of parts of Chapter 6 of my PhD thesis, an investigation into the untapped potential in using photovoltaics to power heating mechanisms that in turn activate thermochromic dyes (indirect solar energy). Indirect activation is defined as activation of the thermochromic dyes using electrical heating mechanisms that are powered by solar cells (photovoltaic), thus using the sun as …

The Extended Imagery

This next post regarding the content of my PhD thesis is talking about the in-depth study into the potential to design imageries that cover several surfaces (e.g., textiles, light and shadows) within a three-dimensional space. These imageries are created due to the interaction between sunlight and a textile when solar energy is used as an activator for thermochromic dyes. These investigations …

Utilize Sunlight to Create Added Aesthetics

The second post relating to the content of my PhD thesis Thermochromic textiles and sunlight activating systems: an alternative means to induce colour change, focuses on dynamic aesthetics created by the use of laser technology and/or devoré print in combination with the colour change created by thermochromic dyes activated by sunlight. The aim with this investigation was to answer the question …

Thermochromic Textiles and Direct Solar Activation

This post introduces the first of three parts of the experimental work presented in my PhD thesis Thermochromic textiles and sunlight activating systems: an alternative means to induce colour change. The, in this text, presented part discusses the investigation and formulation of the relationship between thermochromic dyes and direct solar energy, in terms of activating and deactivating the dye. These investigations were conducted using the …


PhD Thesis

You can now download my PhD thesis ’Thermochromic textiles and sunlight activating systems: an alternative means to induce colour change’. You will find the link to download the thesis here. Abstract: This thesis has investigated how the design process used by a textile printmaker practitioner requires further modification when the sun, uncontrollable by nature, is used to activate thermochromic leuco dyes, a dynamic surface …

Exhibtion at Elleroch

I am happy to announce that I will present my textiles ’Butterfly Ink’ on the exhibition ’Formgalleriet 2014:1’ at Gallery Elleroch in Malmö, Sweden. The exhibition runs between May 10th to June 12th. For more info see Elleroch  

Presentation at AIC13

We are happy to announce that Marie Ledendal will be giving the presentation of the paper ’Thermochromic dyes and sunlight activating systems: an alternative means to induce colour change’ at the colour conference AIC13 this June in Newcastle. For more information regarding the conference see AIC13